The Verdict is In

So, I went to the foot dr yesterday. The verdict is that I have tendonitis. What does this mean? Well it means it can at times take longer to heal than bone. But it also means that I have to be smart, and listen to my body.  Pushing through pain is not an option.

My immediate course of action is a very bad four-letter word called, REST. I will pause a moment so all of you runners out there can gasp and catch your breath. Yes, peeps, I was told to rest. Now for someone who likes to stay in motion, it certainly wasn't what I wanted to hear. But I knew it was coming. I wasn't surprised.

So what do I do now? Well I rest of course. But, after a period of rest, I can attempt the elliptical or possibly cycling. However, cycling still may cause too much strain. I'm not a fan of the elliptical, but I'm even less of a fan of sitting. So I get the opportunity to cross train to keep up my cardio fitness, strength train to build more muscle mass, and strengthen my core which has always been a weak spot for me. You have to focus on the positives.

Of course I'm not happy that I'm missing the marathon this weekend. I'm still fighting back the disappointment. No one wants to train for a marathon and not run. So I'm not a marathon runner, yet. It remains unknown if I ever will be.

But I have trained for one. I have put in numerous hours. I've completed long runs that I never thought I'd possibly do. I may not have the accomplishment of completing a marathon, but I do have the accomplishment of training for one. Right now, I have to be happy with that....


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