Surgery? You've Got to be Kidding Me

Well, without being too graphic or TMI, let's just say that a hard labor back on 3/2011 finally caught up with me. I began having a problem about a week ago. I wasn't sure whether to call the gyno or my colon dr as it appeared the problem wasn't exactly in either area specifically. Anyway, I decided to start with the colon guy. I expected to be told it would be weeks to get an appointment. At the time my marathon was in 18 days.  I wasn't expecting to have to worry about anything like this. But when I called the dr's office, they wanted to see me THAT day. I was like, uh, ok. So I went in. Six shots in a place that NO one ever wants to get shots, I was told that I needed surgery. My mind is racing, procedure options are being talked about and I'm sort of just stunned. At 3:00pm on Thursday, I'm being scheduled for surgery on Friday. What?!? I just kept saying "I'm running a marathon in 18 days" over and over.

Friday came. Surgery happened and yes I'm still telling everyone around me that I'm running a marathon on Nov 18.  The dr said that I could run if I could run through the pain. Is that realistic? The pain is tolerable, but there are other side effects that I didn't expect (and wasn't truly prepared for).

Right now I'm telling myself that I still have 2 weeks to recover enough to try to run my first marathon. Maybe it is false hope, but right now I'm telling myself that it's still possible. It was just surgery.. right?


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