Still Planning On Doing the Marathon

I'm still planning on running, or walking, or whatever means necessary to try to finish the Philadelphia Marathon on November 18.  I've put too much into training over the last 5 months to just give up now. My post surgery instructions were 'if you can run through the pain, you can run'. Well to me that means suck it up and just do it. 

I considered running today (which means I'm feeling better). Yesterday and especially the day before, running was not on my 'to do' list - or even my 'want to do list'. But today I would have attempted a run. However, I'm going to run 12 on Sunday. So I'm playing it smart, and giving my body a few more days to heal before I try to run any distance. 

I've been looking at the forecast for the race. So far so good with the weather. It's going to be cold (to me). But it doesn't look as though it will be bitterly cold. Here's to hoping the weathermen have it correct. 


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