Back to the Boot

As the pain increased (instead of decreased) over the weekend, I decided that I need to call the foot Dr's office today and see when I could get in with my Dr. Thankfully, they were able to see me today. I loaded up Lil Man, his snacks and some books and hoped we wouldn't sit forever. My appointment was a work in appointment.

We sat about 45 minutes which isn't bad considering I've been there two hours. In fact, last year that this very time I had my very first stress fracture and was wearing the ugly walking cast.

Today after my examination, I'm back in that same ugly cast. Sigh... but looking on the bright side, HOPEFULLY I will only be in the cast about two weeks. I'm not sure if it will be longer. I think he was afraid if he told me longer that I would cry. So he said let's start with two weeks.

I asked him if I kept the boot on could I do the elliptical. He chuckled. He said he didn't think he'd ever had anyone ask him that before. But said to totally rest it for one week. Then I could try the elliptical with the boot. If it didn't hurt, then I could continue to use the elliptical.

After two weeks, I can take the boot off and 'test it out'. I was given instructions
that I could run (if without pain) for half a mile at an easy pace. If that didn't hurt and it doesn't hurt the following day, then I could slowly increase my distance.

Two weeks sound doable. A repeat of last year does not.


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