Frustrations Lately

First of all, I have to say that I am enjoying the cooler temps. (Although yesterday it was very humid). But running lately has been very frustrating. 
First of all, I'm exhausted with lack of sleep. The Lil Man hasn't been sleeping so great since all of the heavy rain with Irene and then the flooding from Lee. Second, because I'm not sleeping, I am not getting up early enough to get my runs in before hubby goes to work so I am using the jogging stroller. Let me say that the jogging stroller is GREAT. It allows me to take the Lil Man out for a run. But it is SOOOO hard to push. Within the first half mile it seems like I am already struggling. So far our longest run has been 4 miles (he got cranky the last mile). But pushing the stroller is leaving me very sore which is requiring more rest days because I haven't been able to use the jogger stroller for back to back days. My hamstrings are hating me right now - especially my left leg. Lastly, my long runs have been non-existent lately. I should be running consistently 8-9 miles and that isn't happening. Realistically I don't think I will be able to get in a long run for the next 2 weeks. 

So you'd think my shorter runs would just leave me refreshed? NOT! They are leaving me even more frustrated because I feel so very slow. I know to stop comparing myself to 'before' but that is really hard to do sometimes. 

I had to remind myself today that it has only been 4.5 months since I went from not even walking to running. It's a very slow process. I suppose I am making progress. It is just taking time... 


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