Training Begins

Well, I took the plunge and registered for the Hershey Half Marathon. Hopefully my hip is going to hold out this time around, and I will be able to complete my first half. Last year I got injured 3 weeks before the race and was unable to run. This year I'm going to try not to be lazy and not do all of my long runs where I can run from home. Instead I'm going to have to drive into town where I can run where it is flat. My hip just can't handle all of the hill work all of the time.

Currently my hip is still sore. So I am a little apprehensive about the longer distances, but I think my biggest challenge will be mental. My goal is to run the entire race (other than walking at the water stops). I'm not putting a time on myself for this one. I just want to run the distance and finish.

I am NOT a long distance runner. The training and the race for me will be a very big challenge - one that I'm pretty excited about out. (Talk to me in 12 weeks and see how excited I am then ha). So the training begins. My long run is tomorrow. Currently my long run is 6 miles. But at this stage, that distance is considered long.

I have the clothes ready for the morning run. Let the fun begin...


  1. Instead of being afraid of the long run, embrace it, hon! That is your time. Be weary of where you're running (consider cambered roads). Foam roll, and GOOD LUCK! I'm excited to see you rock this out!

  2. Thanks. Yeah I have issues with the slant of the road (knees/hip). So I try to run where it's the most even if at all possible. I have the marathon stick but have never tried a foam roller. I'm hoping 'the stick' will be able to get the kinks out as much as the foam roller would. Thanks for the encouragment!


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