Colon Cancer Prevention 5K

Well my goal usually always to PR and I really really want to break 26:00. But the main goal for this race was to just run strong and not give up on myself. I once again started out too fast (8:00 for the first mile). So I'm seriously going to have to work on that. And I allowed myself to slow down a little too much during the middle of the run, but overall I didn't give up and I kept going. My official time was 27:29 with a chip time for 27:25. At first I didn't think it was that humid. But the farther I ran, the more humid it felt. Overall I feel pretty good.

Since the race, I've looked over my training schedule. I'm going to try to tweak a few things and see if that makes any difference. I'm frustrated that I'm getting farther from my goal instead of closer. So I'm going to change up a few things this week and run another 5K this weekend to see if there is any difference. But I'm looking forward to a 4 Mile run before work in the am.


  1. Great job!. Good luck with "tweaking" your routine I hope you see a difference in your next 5k. :)

  2. Have fun on your 4 mile run before work. Do you currently do any type of speed work out? Something that might help out is to do 400s, 800s, and mile repeats. Just a suggestion. I started doing those once a week, well, currently I am doing tempo runs for my half training, but when I was doing the speed sessions, they helped tremendously. Best wishes and success in your nailing down this 5k thing.


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