4 Mile Treadmill Run

What a frustrating run.... not so much the run itself but the treadmill. I got on the treadmill at the gym around 5:30am today. I took a small towel with me to put over the console because I have a tendency to look at the seconds slowly tick by on the timer. Part way into the run, I readjusted the towel. MISTAKE - as I accidentally hit the emergency button. There I was standing on the treadmill as my work out was complete according to the stupid machine. Granted .84 at one point in time was a huge accomplishment for me; today, it was not the goal.

I had to restart the treadmill and begin again. This time as I was reaching for the water, I hit the stop button on the opposite side of the emergency button. Seriously??? You've got to be kidding me. There I was once again standing on the machine with the display mocking me with 1.74 miles. Once again, at one point in time, this would have been an accomplishment for me. But today, that was not the goal.

I once again restarted the treadmill. This time I completed the rest of my work out. I was able to get in 4 miles today even with the difficulties.

Today took a lot of will power. First of all, I didn't want to be there anyway. Then each time the treadmill stopped I wanted to just stop and try to tell myself that I at least got a work out in.  But instead, I kept with it. I told myself that I wanted to run 4 miles today and I did.


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