15 Miles

There is no way that I would have done what I did today except that I had someone out there running with me. It was cold. It was windy, and at times it felt unbearable. I was feeling ok around 10.7 miles. I was feeling some  tightness in my right knee, but nothing too bad. The wind was so bad and cold, but the under armour helped tremendously. 

However, as we started that last 3.5 mile loop, I starting feeling it bad. Half way through the last loop, I was struggling bad. As in super bad, as in I'm not sure I can walk back much less run. I stopped and stretched. I'm not sure that it helped, but I told myself to keep moving. I would tell myself, what was coming up and just make it to that. I knew I had to make it the parking lot, then the trail, then the overpass and then the sign and I would be there. With each milestone, I would look for the next until finally I could see the sign. 

I have never been so happy to see a sign. 

My first 15 miles. It wasn't easy, it wasn't pleasant, but I did it. 


  1. Congrats on your 15 mile run. Do you do any strength training for your legs or core workouts. I started doing that about a couple of weeks ago and it has helped out a lot. I had a bad left knee, and now, a week later with no pain or anything. My muscles were out of sorts. Well, Hang in there and Keep Running. If you foresee an injury, take it easy before it can get worse.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I had a lousy run on Friday, but today, my 5 miler went superb! This Wednesday is my new long run of 7 miles. Whoo Hoo!

  3. Good for you! What a great accomplishment, this is where it really counts to celebrate the hard work. We all have those ugh days, I really hate running in the cold wind. I need to look for the silver lining in the run on those days, even if its to look back and pat myself on the back for actually rising to the challenge.



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