11.5 Miles

Today was my first Sunday Long Run with my new running buddies. One lady wasn't able to make it so there was just two of us today. I was a little nervous because I knew she wanted to run 15 miles. I would love to run 15 miles, but I didn't feel that I was quite able to do that just yet. Since my hip injury, my longest run has been 8 miles so far which was last weekend. And my longest run ever has been 11.1. 

We started off at a fairly fast pace - or fast for me anyway. At 4 miles, our time was around 33-34 minutes. No wonder my lungs felt like they were going to explode! I wasn't sure how I was going to make it through the rest of the miles. Thankfully when we hit the hills we slowed the pace some, and I was able to catch my breath (a little). I guess now would be a good time to mention that my new running buddy is in her early 50's and she kicks rear. I know that she was slowing it down for me today. 

After the 3.1 mile loop of hills, my body was screaming, but I didn't want to quit. At this point, I was 7.5 miles into the run. I knew she had planned a loop for me that would let me get 11 miles in. And I knew she was doing 15, and I wanted to tough out as much as I could.

With four miles ahead of me, I kept telling myself to keep going. On the last two miles back, I starting getting some muscle twitches in my glutes. But I knew it wasn't bad enough to stop. The last 3/4 mile was gruesome, but I didn't slow down and I kept the pace. I was so happy to see the ending point, and so pleased with myself that I ran 11.55 miles today. 


  1. Congratulations on your accomplishment of 11.555 miles. Running with people can either be a blessing, or a nightmare. They can boost you out of a rut, or run you into the gutter. I normally go alone or with my wife. I am a slow runner now, but gradually picking it up implementing speed work etc. Hey, thanks for stopping by my site today. Have a great day and........Keep Running!


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