Saturday, September 26, 2009

After a 2 hour PT session on Friday, I was more than discouraged. It's not that I am just in pain, but that we can't seem to solve the problem because we can't pinpoint the problem. I've been through 5 weeks of PT. Next week is supposed to be my last. How can it be my last when we aren't even sure what the problem is yet? It's not that we aren't working on it or that I haven't made progress. The burning has stopped. So the nerve issue is currently resolved as long as I don't reinjure it. I have built some ab muscles to hold my pelvis in place; I am happy for that progress. But the issue seems to be the fact that I am somehow overusing my left hip/side region when walking/running/exercising. I was told that there are multiple issues. Apparently my SI joint isn't working properly. I now have a temporary lift in my shoe to see if this helps. I was told to run over the weekend to test it out.

As I left PT, I didn't want to run. In fact, the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should just stop. I mean, is it really worth it? By the end of the day, I told myself that I was going to run - not on a treadmill as I had been instructed to do. But run outside. I needed to just 'run'. Yes, I would work on the correct foot strike, correct leg movement, try to push through my knees and run the proper form. All of this is still VERY difficult for me. I don't have it right yet and it's a struggle to do so. But I started running and I could feel the slight pain in the hip which I had been feeling. I had to concentrate to try to move my leg the proper way. It was exhausting both mentally and physically. But soon into the run, I remembered. I remembered why I run.

After 3.6 miles, I had the answer to my question of whether it was worth it. The answer was a resounding yes. Hot, sweaty and exhausted, I couldn't help but smile. I did it. I'm slow. And although I may bring up the rear in most races, I'm still a runner. I stopped by the post office on my way home to mail my registration form for the 5K on October 10th. I know that I can't go all out and run it too hard. I will have to use caution, but I made the decision to run.

Being a Runner is a label that I am proud to wear.


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