Wednesday, November 5

I wasn’t mentally into running today but knew that I needed to do ‘something’ and take advantage of the warmer weather. I decided to run a quick mile instead of running a longer distance. I ran an 8’32” mile. It won’t break any records, but it was decent. After the Winter passes, I’m considering joining a running group. I think if I run with a group I could increase my distance and have a better pace. At least today, I didn’t get chased by any dogs.


  1. Hi Mrs. Glass.

    Just came across your blog and wanted to say keep up the good running. It' isn't always easy but it's rewarding.

    I invite you to connect with other runners at We're a free and friendly running community where we talk about running, share advice and encouragement.

    Let us know how we can support your running success and enjoyment.


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