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Embracing The Changes In Life

Someone recently asked me about my running and how I currently feel about it. True, I'm not running 5 days per week as I have in the past. I'm not even running my usual 3. I think my new norm for awhile (maybe forever) might be 2 days a week.

How do I feel about it? I feel liberated. I feel like stepping outside of the model of runner to something bigger. Because I've said it before, and I will say it again, I am more than just a runner.
As I grow older with my family, I realize that life is constantly changing. I am constantly changing. And learning to embrace the change definitely makes for an easier transition. For probably the first time in my life, I am

National Park Trust's Kids to Parks Day Is Coming!

Sponsored post written by me on behalf of National Park Trust and Northside Shoes. All opinions are entirely my own.

Save the date for Kids To Parks Day - May 20, 2017. Join National Park Trust, Buddy Bison and kids across America for a fun day of outdoor play. Go to kidstoparks.org to sign up. When you sign up, you can enter to win free prizes. Also, you can search for local events. If you don't see a local event, keep checking back as more events are being added.

Lil Man and I love our local, State and Federal parks. We are regulars. We enjoy our parks year round. And we will definitely be participating in Kids To Parks Day on May 20th.

I feel that it's very important to incorporate exercise. I know as Lil Man gets older,
sometimes electronic devices become the entertainment. So I try my best to make sure that we get outside, get some fresh air, and have some outdoor fun. He loves it, and I do too. But also, I enjoy the quality time together. Sometimes we play solo. Sometimes we meet friends. Regardless, we make memories.

He's also not the only one to have fun at the playground ;) 

And this year for Kids To Parks Day, Northside Shoes encourages families to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. They feel that you don't need expensive, elaborate gear to spend time outdoors – the outdoors are accessible to everyone! I totally agree with this! In fact, one of you can win a pair of Northside shoes!

Yep, I'm serious! Simply enter the giveaway tools below. And speaking from experience, Northside Shoes are awesome great quality shoes! (and they are cute!)

Lil Man loves his shoes. He said they were super comfy! 


And in addition to be great-looking shoes, they are also very durable. (Which I NEED with Lil Man).

So, who is going to join me for Kids to Parks Day on May 20th? Last year more than 750,000 people participated. This year's goal is 900,000.  Let's get outside and play!

And Make sure you enter to win!

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  1. We definitely need to get out more this summer--off to the National Parks!

  2. We love to go to the park but really need to get there more often! - Danae :)

  3. Going to the park is one of the greatest spirit restorers I know. It does the soul good!

  4. I try to get my boys outdoors as much as possible too! We love to explore parks and they will take their first camping trip this summer! :)

  5. We love national parks!!!

  6. We live in the Black Hills and are surrounded by awesome parks! We get out as much as we can to enjoy them! :)

  7. Only one event for Pennsylvania so far! I hope they add some.

  8. Yes, we love going to walk and feed the ducks at our local park.

  9. Yes my kids love going to the local park


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