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Using An App To Help Me Stay On Path

Hello there you blank beautiful screen. It's been awhile. I took a little time last week to just step back, disconnect, and honestly breathe. I felt myself needing a breather and a moment to adjust to going back to work (part-time), Lil Man going to school full time, soccer and running for him, and just daily life. You know what I mean.

My typical morning is starting to consist of some type of early morning workout, rushing home to get lunches made, making sure I'm back in time so hubby can get to work, grabbing a quick shower, getting Lil Man to the bus stop, finally getting breakfast for me, packing my work bag, getting laundry started, cleaning up the kitchen, taking the dogs in and out and in and out...  and if possible I try to get caught up on email/social media before I head into work.

But I'm back and feeling a little more like I have things under control. I think I'm finding

Confession Time About Eating Sugar

I said that I wouldn't eat sweets until the 21st, but the dark chocolate was just calling my name - constantly. The baker's chocolate did help, but I was still seriously craving dark chocolate.

So I had a piece of Ghiradelli intense dark with sea salt and almonds. It was the sweetest tasting creamiest thing I've had in a long time. And one piece did the trick.

The following day though I really wanted more which makes me concerned that moderation may be hard. Anyway, yesterday I had a piece of Ghiradelli intense dark, and later that day we made our gingerbread house. I did take a nice lick of the icing, and to keep from eating more, I had another piece of the Ghiradelli intense dark with sea salt and almonds. It was the most sugar I've had in over 21 days. We also had the waffle house for lunch. But I've been eating carbs (bread here and there and potatoes).

By last night
I felt horrible - no - not guilty horrible - physically horrible. My joints hurt!!!! Yep, for the first time in almost 3 weeks I had joint pain. And I couldn't bend my hands. Yep, they were swollen.

My face was puffy. I know that salt makes me puffy, but salt has never bothered my joints. I felt physically sick.

As I write this, my joints are still swollen, and I'm still puffy.

I do know that I will have processed sweets over the holidays since Lil Man and I will be baking. But this is also a good indicator for me that moderation may mean very little sugar in my life. My body is saying no. And for my health, I know that I have to listen.

I'm thinking this is not going to be easy....

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