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Give The Gift Of Time With Jord

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Wood Watches For Men

Beautiful and stunning… those are the words that popped into my head when I opened the box. Truly breathtaking, and honestly I usually don’t get this excited over something unless it’s some running or fitness gadget. But Jord took my breath away with their wooden watches. .

If you’ve never heard of Jord before, they are known for their 100% natural, hand-finished authentic wood watches. Jord watches come in various styles and colors. From battery to hand wound, there is truly something for everyone. And if you are looking for an awesome way to present and store your watch, Jord does that too. Can you imagine giving this to someone as a gift?

The presentation alone in my opinion is a gift. But the beautiful watch inside will definitely bring smiles.

(And if you are l…

Think Before You Drink That Protein Shake

Ok, so I've been going to early morning spin which means I come scooting into the house just in time to get Lil Man ready for pre-school and Hubby out the door for work. Sometimes I get a shower; sometimes I don't. And breakfast, well that has to be something super quick and on-the-go.

Lately I've been getting a protein shake from the gym. I love them. I do. I have them make it with chocolate instead of vanilla. I mean they taste so good. But then I started thinking. You know, maybe they taste a little too good?

Earlier in the year I had asked about the calorie content and it was around 410ish or so but a ballpark guestimate, Today as I'm sipping away, drenched in my post sweat post glow from spin class, I asked the girl for the calories, carbs, protein and sugar content.

I almost fell outta the chair - for real - as in - no wonder I like the taste of these things. With my substitutions (and rounding), this is what I came up with.

Calories - 586
Carbs - 80
Protein - 45
Fat - 9
Sugar - 60

For someone my size (while trying to lose weight), that's close to HALF of my daily intake in one shake. And the sugar... wow the sugar.. I could have 3 candy bars.

I finished my shake and enjoyed it cause that's gonna be the last one for awhile.

My plan? Well, how hard is it to stash a banana, some almonds, or an apple next to my workout bag? A little planning the night before can save me huge the morning of. And I do enjoy a post workout shake, but I plan to make my own on the days that I have one. I will know exactly what's in it, along with a smaller amount of calories. I'm currently drinking Shakeology (don't judge. I know it's ridiculously expensive in my opinion). But as far as protein drinks go, I also find it in my unprofessional opinion to be fairly healthy. And coming in at 160 calories, there is a huge difference.

So my advice to you is think before you drink. I had no idea that I was sipping so many calories.

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  1. I wrote a post this summer about all the chocolate protein drinks I sampled. The caloric count varied greatly. One of them, one of my favorites, was over 400 calories. So no go... Luckily I found another that is about 200 calories.

    1. I would love to read that post. Could you send me the link?

  2. Depends on the shake. I do a vegan protein shake that is full of nutrients and safe protein sources - cranberry, yellow pea, and brown rice. I LOVE it. Of course, I prefer whole foods, but this is great on the go and I can feel good about drinking it.

    1. I agree! And sometimes I just have to do 'on the go' .. .so this am I made my own cause I knew what was in it.

  3. OMG! That's crazy. See this is why I am iffy myself about drinking those shakes at the gym. But glad you found out ASAP! Maybe making your own shake to drink afterwards will help? I used to do that and keep it in a thermos and it helped a lot.


    1. Yes, that's exactly what I did today. I made my own so that I knew it was 160 calories.

  4. Oh wow...yes, that is a lot of calories, and the sugar content is off the charts. I wonder how many calories my brother is drinking when he makes his protein shakes.

    1. Probably a whole lot less than this if he's making his own. I sure hope so... glad I found out when I did.

  5. Yep, I only ever have one after at least a 10 mile run as I don't tend to want to eat - otherwise not worth the calories. Great post!


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