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Give The Gift Of Time With Jord

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Wood Watches For Men

Beautiful and stunning… those are the words that popped into my head when I opened the box. Truly breathtaking, and honestly I usually don’t get this excited over something unless it’s some running or fitness gadget. But Jord took my breath away with their wooden watches. .

If you’ve never heard of Jord before, they are known for their 100% natural, hand-finished authentic wood watches. Jord watches come in various styles and colors. From battery to hand wound, there is truly something for everyone. And if you are looking for an awesome way to present and store your watch, Jord does that too. Can you imagine giving this to someone as a gift?

The presentation alone in my opinion is a gift. But the beautiful watch inside will definitely bring smiles.

(And if you are l…

It's Such An Ugly Word

It's such an ugly word. At first I thought I would look forward to some rest. But as the final week of the race is here, it is becoming clear that the 'taper' is truly an ugly word. And I've had a few moments of just feeling this huge overwhelming fear that I need to be out there running.. something. 

Apparently I'm not alone in this feeling. I came across this article from Fleet Feet Sports Tips For The Taper. It helped re-assure me that I need to trust the taper.

It also helps to remember that the dreaded 'taper' is also part of training. So I reminded myself that I am still training for the marathon. I am just at a different stage of the training program. And this stage is very important. Recovery is a necessary part of training.  

By this time next week, I will hopefully have completed my 2nd Marathon!! 

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  1. I'm still a few weeks out from my taper, and right now, I'm really looking forward to it. Of course, reality may be different once it actually gets here. :)

    Good luck at marathon #2!

    1. I was the same way when I was running 18-20 mile LR. I couldn't wait for it to get here. Now that it's here.. I'm going a little stir crazy. Good luck on your race!

  2. Trust the taper. Your body needs it.

    1. That's what I'm telling myself :) Although I'm not fully convinced ha ha

  3. Good luck. I'm tapering now for Philly and I know that I couldn't make it without this last stage.

    1. Yeah, my knees are bugging me pretty bad after my last 20.. so I know I need the rest. Good luck with Philly!

  4. The taper is where all the magic occurs! Trust! :)

    1. Thanks.. that's what I'm telling myself. I can't believe that the marathon is this Sunday!!


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