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How I Am Incorporating Alert Caffeine Gum Into My Fitness Routine

Thank you Alert Caffeine Gum for sponsoring this post. All opinions and experiences are my own.

Anyone else struggling with getting back into a routine after being off for the holidays? I know I have. Add in that Lil Man was sick an entire week before Christmas and daily naps became the norm, I'm really struggling to make it through a normal day.

Although we haven't gone back to school yet, Hubby is back to work. And that means if I want to get in a workout or at least one without company and interruptions, I have to get up early and workout before Hubby goes to work. And the rest of the day is the usual go go go.

Thankfully I've had the opportunity to try Alert Caffeine Gum. 1 piece of Alert Gum is about the equivalent of a half a cup of coffee. (And for me that means no jitters). It's just enough ooomph to give me the boost that I need.

Love With Food Healthy Food Subscription Box

Full Disclosure: I received products free of charge for the purpose of providing a review. My opinions are completely my own based on my experience. This is a sponsored post. 

Lil Man and I are big snackers. Hubby will snack here and there, but Lil Man and I are constantly snacking. I sometimes find it hard to find healthy on-the-go snacks. I'm working hard on cutting out processed food that has ingredients that I can't pronounce. My goal is to stick with products that are 5 ingredients or less, but if that isn't possible, I try to make sure that all of the ingredients are 'real' ingredients and not chemicals.

When I heard about Love With Food, I was
excited to give it a try. Love With Food is a healthy subscription box, and with every box sent, a meal is donated to a food bank. By purchasing a Love With Food subscription box, not only am I enjoying healthy snacks, but I'm also helping others since a meal is being donated to a food bank. I know that every little bit helps.

My Love With Food box did not disappoint. I was thrilled with the contents.

My box contained Moringa Organic Tea, Choco Chews, Annie's Chocolate bunny grahams, Chocolate Banana Mini-Stack Bar, Hemp Hearts, Roasted Chickpeas, Sea Salt BOPS, Almond Butter Cacao Truffle, Nutty Rice Bites with Cranberries, and Herbes de Provence. 

I can pronounce every ingredient in each item. I was thrilled with my box. I loved that I was able to try new products that I've never tried before (or even heard off). So far, my favorite is the Roasted Chickpeas. I never in my life thought I would eat dried chickpeas for a snack, but I am in love. 

In fact, I received this Love With Food box free for an honest review, but I love it so much, and the concept, that I am personally signing up as a subscriber. And until March 31, with this link http://bit.ly/1G1zJ7V   you can sign up to receive your first box free - only pay $2 shipping. 

The Love With Food subscription boxes are $10 per month with $2 shipping or you can also buy individual items from their website. Love With Food

Lil Man and I love getting packages, and I know that we will enjoy getting a box of healthy delicious snacks each month. 

Seriously, you should give it a try... http://bit.ly/1G1zJ7V  
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