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Injury Update - YES The Doctor Told Me To

Just wanted to give a quick update for anyone who might not have already heard. I went last week for a follow-up. I was actually in a lot of pain, as much pain as when the injury began. The x-ray did not show any fractures, BUT I was told that I could still have a fracture. I will need a bone scan or MRI to completely rule out any fractures. What did show up, however,

Well It Happened - I Went There

Well it happened. I said that I wasn't going to 'go there', that I wasn't going to allow myself to get caught up in comparing, but it happened

Last year, I placed 3rd place overall female for the first time in my life. And I had high hopes this year of PRing at the same race. (My First Time Placing In An Overall Category)

Tweet: Well, it happened.. I went there... http://ctt.ec/jehs5+  #WillRun4IceCream via @MrsGlass #running #comparision And not just that race, but my other races this year. I had planned that this year would be 'the' year. You know the one that I'm talking about - where things just lined up. Because last year other than this one race that I'm referring too definitely wasn't the year that I had hoped for.

So when I saw the posting today that the race was back, well, it was like a little jab.
Ugh, I'm still injured. I'm back out there running (some), but I'm no where near where I was before I got injured. This week especially I'm feeling a little more tenderness in my hamstring than I have been, and I'm pretty sure that I need to back off.

For a split second, I considered not running the race again this year. I mean, I'm not going to be any where near my PR time last year. Then I heard myself say "What are you - five? Get over yourself because you are being childish!"

I really really struggle with comparison, and I almost let that stop me from running a race that I would really like to do simply because I'm not going to be where I was last year. Well that's ridiculous.

Is it disappointing that I'm injured? Well sure. But I need to put my big girl running panties on and get over it.

Do you struggle with comparison too?

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  1. I compare myself (to myself) all the time. It's so hard not to!

    1. I know. I really struggle with this!

  2. Of course I do. To myself, that is...I know what I can do and when I have a bad race, I get so mad at myself....


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