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Why I'm Weighing In Part 2

I wish that I could write that I'd done it... that I had reached my goal weight. But the reality is I let others' opinions and self doubt creep into my head. So my 2lbs a week weight loss came to a grinding halt and I hit a massive plateau. This snowballed into a self destructive pattern that has resulted in a very unproductive month. Well, to be honest, I can't say that. Because you can learn from every situation right?

Reintroducing Hills and Dietary Goals

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Real feel 18 degrees. My first hilly run since injury. I'm still feeling some discomfort, and I'm smart enough to know I'm not 100% healed. But ....

I see progress! I kept the pace easy, walked as needed. I have really lost a lot of fitness, but before even walking hurt the hamstring area. So I know I'm healing. 

I'm making plans for a spring race(s). I'm still looking at various plans to see which one will work best for me at this time since I'm coming back from injury. But my main focus right now is to listen to my body and build my base mileage back.

And for anyone wondering about the 30 day food challenge. Let's just say the first couple days were great. Then Hubby was out of town for several days, Thanksgiving preparations began, and yeah sugar and processed food became a staple. 

To the point that my joints were so swollen yesterday that I could barely bend my fingers. My entire body ached. So as of today, the focus is clean eating. And everyone has their own definition of clean eating. What I'm trying to do for me and for my family is eat real whole food – nuts, fruits, veggies, chicken/meat etc, eggs and I include dairy. I know that there are a lot of anti-dairy people, but we enjoy dairy. I now buy the non flavored plain yogurt, and we use it for our own smoothies. And if we are eating a packaged food and it contains more than five ingredients, it will not be consumed.

As far as motivation goes - here he is. Healthy is more important than a sugar binge.

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  1. Yep, gotta stay away from that processed food...easier said than done!


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