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Do Your Clothes Smell Before You Even Start Your Workout?

I have super sensitive skin when it comes to laundry detergent. In fact, I use Dreft (yes the detergent you usually use for babies) for all of my clothes. I have used it for years, and if I use anything different I usually suffer the consequences. I will refrain from the TMI that it causes me.

But with all of the tech shirts that I seem to keep collecting from races, some better quality than others, I've found that well... I smell. I mean I smell before my workout even begins. Lil Man has commented 'stinky' when he would hug me bye as I was leaving for my run. Well if a 3 year old can pick up on the fact that I'm 'stinky', and I haven't even worked out yet then I really must smell.

I tried washing my workout clothes immediately after I wore them. I tried washing them twice. I tried rinsing them numerous times, but they still smelled. And because of my sensitivities, I was afraid to try the sports laundry detergent.

But while we were at SAMs the other day, I saw this and although Hubby thought I was insane for purchasing a 13.5lb back of Baking Soda, I wanted to give it a try. But I have used baking soda a lot to get smells out of things. So maybe it would work with my stinky clothes?

And guess what? Best.Thing.Ever. The first load of laundry I put a cup of Baking Soda like the bag suggested and all of the smells were gone!

Since the yucky smells are all gone from my tech shirts, I'm now able to keep the smells away by using a half a cup with each load of laundry. This has been perfect. I've been told the sports detergents work also.

But if you have sensitive skin and if your clothes have a little funk, I encourage you to give Baking Soda a try. It's worked great for me.

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  1. Awesome! Lol, I've noticed that my tech shirts smell sometimes as well. Great idea!

    1. Yeah.. at first I wasn't sure it was me. ha. But when my son hugged me and said stinky that didn't leave much doubt!

  2. So trying this Amy! Thank you for sharing! I literally have a pile of shirts that stink in the arm pits next to my dresser- I hated to throw them out but I couldn't wear them smelling like that do! Woooooo Hooooo

    1. It has worked great for me. And yeah, I had a pile too that I couldn't wear any more but now I can!

  3. I am going to try this! Crazy thing this post was perfect timing, I bought a new pair of black dress pants and paid a lot for them but they have this chemical smell to them, and washing them didn't rid it, I will be trying the baking powder for sure! Thanks!

    1. Just make sure you use baking SODA :) not powder. But yeah, it might help get the smell out!

  4. WOAH! That's a great tip! I would have never thought of that! I am going to give that a try! Hope it works out for me also! :) Thanks a lot!


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