First 20 Miler!!!

I did it! I completed my first 20 miler!

I set the alarm for 3:45am, but was up by 3:30am. I have an achy lower leg issue, and am generally sore. I wasn't so sure how this was going to go. But I was meeting a friend for the first 12. I knew I could stop at 12 if I needed to, but I really wanted to push through and get my first 20 today.

The first twelve had several rolling hills. I might add this is my first long run that contained hills. The first 4 miles, I was really feeling my tender spots. I considered stopping at 12 if the discomfort continued or got any worse. But then after 4 miles, either I ignored it, or the discomfort for the most part went away. We made our turn around at 6ish miles and headed back toward the car. Overall, I was feeling pretty good. I could tell that we did some hill work, but I wasn't beat.

My friend only needed 12 today, and ran with me in the dark (because I'm really scared to run alone in the dark alone). So he went his way, and I started on my last 8.

I was doing another out and back (on a different route). I had the option of turning at 3 and getting my 18, or go to 4. I decided to go to 4 to push myself to get my 20 today.

Today's run was the first time I used electrolyte pills. I think they helped. Around 16 miles, I was started to get plagued with the pesky calf cramps again! So I took another pill. The directions are 1-6 which pretty much gives me no idea what to take. I had just had one, but decided if I was cramping to take another one. I wound up taking 5 in all during the run. I believe it helped. My stomach still doesn't like gatorade, but next time I'll water it down to see how that works for me.

The last three miles, I kept getting slower and slower. I shamefully admit, that the last two miles were brought to you by Bieber. I played one song of his over and over to keep me moving.

But I did it. I completed my first 20.

How do I feel? Well, other than elated that I finished, I feel like I have been run over by a truck :) and I can't wait to do it again!


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