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Whether you workout before work or after work, chances are if you workout outside you'll be working out in the darkness or very dim light.

And one of my major pet peeves is to see runners or walkers or cyclists or really anyone out and about who doesn't make sure that they can be seen.

Because the majority of my workouts are before Hubby goes to work, and usually I'm solo, safety has always been a priority for me. And when I say that I won't run outside in the dark / low light/ fog without my Noxgear, I'm serious.

If you aren't sure what Noxgear is check out this video.

Long Run

Well today was my 'long run' for my Half Marathon training. At this stage, 6 miles is a long run for me. I got up early and drove to the Greenbelt. I had my hydration belt with me. But sometimes I use that as an excuse to walk more than I should. I'll tell myself that I need water when the reality is I just want to walk. So on my drive to park and run, I decided I would take water half way at 3 miles and walk while drinking the water. At mile 4, I wanted to stop and have another water break. But I knew the reality was that I didn't need water, I just wanted to stop. So I pushed on through the mental hurdle. I won't lie, I had to mentally push through the last two miles. But I did it, and I'm proud of myself for the accomplishment.


  1. I'm so excited to find someone else who is running the HHM! Hubby & I are new runners & this is our first event. We signed up as a relay team, so we each run half, but to me 6.5 miles is quite a challenge. Good luck wth your training & thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  2. 6 miles is 'long' for me as well- there is a 10k in Grings Mill (near Reading) on August 1 if you'd like a warm-up race before the half! I signed up for it last week and this month am trying to get myself running 6 miles at least once a week and my time down to around an hour.

    Good luck with your training!
    -Samantha (from DailyMile)

  3. Congrats on the miles. They will come. I am a slow but steady kind of runner. I hope to see you out there on our wednesday night runs. I was there for the first time yesterday and was the slowest. lol. They waited though. It was about 6 miles. Hope to see you out there soon.

  4. @ Kenley, I plan to come out there soon and join ya'll. I can't next week but I'm hoping to possibly make it the next.


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