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Using An App To Help Me Stay On Path

Hello there you blank beautiful screen. It's been awhile. I took a little time last week to just step back, disconnect, and honestly breathe. I felt myself needing a breather and a moment to adjust to going back to work (part-time), Lil Man going to school full time, soccer and running for him, and just daily life. You know what I mean.

My typical morning is starting to consist of some type of early morning workout, rushing home to get lunches made, making sure I'm back in time so hubby can get to work, grabbing a quick shower, getting Lil Man to the bus stop, finally getting breakfast for me, packing my work bag, getting laundry started, cleaning up the kitchen, taking the dogs in and out and in and out...  and if possible I try to get caught up on email/social media before I head into work.

But I'm back and feeling a little more like I have things under control. I think I'm finding

Why I Stretch And Foam Roll

So if you've been anywhere near me or this blog then you know that I have been dealing with a hip injury. And my first so-called event back into running was the Hershey10k.

Since then I have been working on improving my fitness and building some base miles. But I wanted to share with you what I feel was the turning point for me with this injury.

Drum roll please...

FOAM ROLLING/MASSAGE STICK and STRETCHING - yep - in the past these were things that I neglected.

I mean I always meant to foam roll and stretch, but I never got around to it. But once my physical therapist started doing intense stretching and rolling with our therapy sessions, and I actually found a YouTube video to help stretch my hip, I started seeing results. (And I can't seem to find the video again). But I created one to demonstrate the stretch.

It wasn't overnight results, but I could see results fairly quickly. And I realized that neglecting to use recovery was a big mistake on my part.

I have seriously set up reminders in my phone. I try to stretch every morning after I have exercised or after I have at least been up for a while (once my muscles are warmed up). In the evenings I try to foam roll every day even if it's just for a few minutes. I try to hit the key parts (calves, shins, quads, hams, butt, hip and IT band).

I had an extremely busy day and actually skipped my stretching and foam rolling. The following day I felt pain in my hip. So I know that I just have to make this a part of my daily routine. I mean seriously it doesn't take that long to do. And I am finding that the benefits from it are far greater than the time that it takes out of my day.

Here is an article from Runner's World on how to use a foam roller.

But it's really not complicated ;)

(And for my review of the foam roller that I am using, you can see there here)

And from my personal point of view it has made a difference of running or not running. So I'm going to choose to foam roll and stretch!

So, don't be surprised if you see me rollin' rollin' rollin' :)

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  1. I have to stretch and foam roll to help with my IT band injury. It's a pain in the butt, but it is very helpful!


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