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Your Body Is A Gift

It was like I had a major light bulb moment. I mean for the last 6 years, weight loss has always been a goal along with getting more physically fit and stronger. And I've heard people say that you only have one body, and you need to take care of it blah blah blah...

But it's like I felt this on a personal level - like WAKE UP GIRL! You have ONE BODY. It's YOUR responsibility to take care of the GIFT that you have been given. I experienced this while I was in bed with pain in both of my feet. My right foot was throbbing from the arthritis, and my left foot was in as much pain from my plantar fasciitis. In that moment it didn't take a genius to figure out that my body is really dealing with a lot of inflammation. And that I had been eating more for fun than for healing and nutrition.

It was definitely another nudge for me to really work on focusing to eat with a purpose. Oh, another highly processed cookie, another scoop of ice cream, another handful of marshmallows re…

Are You Still Running?

When the first question the doctor asked me was "Are you still running?" because he saw my weight.. let's just say my heart sank. I'd gained 15lbs since my last Dr visit. Silly, I know... but I cried when I got in the car. I can't say that I've been 'giving it my all' to try to lose weight, but it's been a battle lately where the only thing that I'm losing is.. well my motivation to keep trying! The scale has not been my friend.

As my clothes are getting tighter, and trying to find something to wear to Church involves changing out of several outfits because I can't fit into anything, and the Dr showing concern because I am now 'outside' the healthy range for my height, I'm taking the "Biggest Loser" challenge that I signed up for at the gym seriously.

My first 'weekly' weigh-in is this week. I've weighed in at home, and I can't say that I'm thrilled with the number. But the reality is, I also had a lot of high calorie foods this week. It was the PA Farm Show week after all.

But I also know that tomorrow, really has to be today. I'll start tomorrow is no longer an option. So I have a few more days before my official weigh-in. And I am trying hard to stick with the program.

If you are curious what I'm doing...

I'm using some tips from a Dietitian (making sure that I have some sort of protein with every meal/snack along with trying to choose healthy options) combined with MyFitnessPal (groan). I'm not really a friend of MFP right now. In the past, because I've been unable to stay within my range, if I went over, then I would just give up and eat whatever I wanted. I am trying to break that mentality. The contest requires us to log, along with the ability for the trainer to see what we are eating.  They are using MFP, so I'm using it too.

With that in mind, if you eat junk calories, you can still be within range, but that's not necessarily healthy. So I'm using the advice from a dietitian along with MFP. Some days are definitely better than others!

The journey to a healthier me continues...  and for the first time in my life.. I will officially weigh-in in a weight loss challenge...

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  1. I'm completely in your same boat! Positive thoughts and perseverance!

  2. I hear you. Good luck on your weight loss challenge!


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