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Embracing The Changes In Life

Someone recently asked me about my running and how I currently feel about it. True, I'm not running 5 days per week as I have in the past. I'm not even running my usual 3. I think my new norm for awhile (maybe forever) might be 2 days a week.

How do I feel about it? I feel liberated. I feel like stepping outside of the model of runner to something bigger. Because I've said it before, and I will say it again, I am more than just a runner.
As I grow older with my family, I realize that life is constantly changing. I am constantly changing. And learning to embrace the change definitely makes for an easier transition. For probably the first time in my life, I am

When Hand-washing Isn't An Option

Full Disclosure: I received products free of charge for the purpose of providing a review. My opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

I would say it's that time of the year where germs abound. But the truth is - with our busy summer days at the pool, playgrounds and amusement parks, all year round is 'germy' for us.

And when washing our hands with soap and water isn't an option, Purell is a great option.

I wish I'd received this Purell pack a few weeks go!
Lil Man and I have been under the weather once school has started. I think we got a little lazy with keeping our hands off or our faces if you know what I mean. So I've definitely upped our nutrition along with hand washing and using wipes and hand sanitizer.

I don't allow Lil Man to use hand sanitizer without supervision. Too much can ... well.. be too much. So I always monitor his use. I prefer wipes for him when possible. And these Purell Wipes are great to stash in the car. They fit nicely in a cup holder. (and they also fit great in the side holder of my driver's side door

So far they have been gentle enough not to cause any irritation. We both have sensitive skin. 

And since Lil Man is back in preschool, I've been spending a lot of my time on-the-go. So these on-the-go packs are great. I have one attached to my book bag, my gym bag, and even my yoga bag. Seriously, I'm over the cold germs! 

Hopefully we are on the mend and can stay that way. I encourage you to use some germ prevention techniques: wash your hands with soap and water when possible, use antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer when hand-washing isn't available, and keep your hands off of your face/eyes/mouth/nose. 

For these great Purell products, along with office supplies and medical supplies, check out shoplet.com 

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