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Your Body Is A Gift

It was like I had a major light bulb moment. I mean for the last 6 years, weight loss has always been a goal along with getting more physically fit and stronger. And I've heard people say that you only have one body, and you need to take care of it blah blah blah...

But it's like I felt this on a personal level - like WAKE UP GIRL! You have ONE BODY. It's YOUR responsibility to take care of the GIFT that you have been given. I experienced this while I was in bed with pain in both of my feet. My right foot was throbbing from the arthritis, and my left foot was in as much pain from my plantar fasciitis. In that moment it didn't take a genius to figure out that my body is really dealing with a lot of inflammation. And that I had been eating more for fun than for healing and nutrition.

It was definitely another nudge for me to really work on focusing to eat with a purpose. Oh, another highly processed cookie, another scoop of ice cream, another handful of marshmallows re…

NatraCure ThermoActive Hot/Cold & Compression Cuff

Full Disclosure: I received products free of charge for the purpose of providing a review. My opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

If you've been around me, well anywhere near me, ok, if you know anyone who might even know me, then you probably know that I am coming back from a hamstring injury. It started last summer/fall and it has lasted a very long time.

I was finally able to start exercising again when I got a compression sleeve. I used it for recovery. But I needed something while running, and I bought some compression shorts. I also iced the area. Because of the compression, I was able to workout and keep the pain level minimal while allowing myself to heal. I wish I had known about the NatraCare ThermoActive Hot/Cold Compression Cuff last fall!

I love the concept. It's a cuff, with a velcro section that you can add the ice pack (or use heat), put it on your body and pump it to the desired compression. You can then remove the tubing if you need to be mobile etc.

In the instructions, there was a note to put a cloth between the ice pack and your skin. I thought my pants would be enough, but I soon realized that I needed an additional cloth. It got really cold. 

Like I said, I really wish I'd had this during the worst part of my injury! But I've used it since then on my thigh/hamstring. And the more I do leg weights, and as I move into doing more and more activities, I know that I will use it on my calves. You can even use it on  your arms. 

If you have a chronic condition, or injured, or even for acute uses, I suggested you check out NatraCure and their products. They have a wide variety of products to treat you from head to toe - seriously! Check them out. 

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