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Holy Hills

I didn't really want to get out today and run. Are you noticing a theme here?? But I told myself that it was today or it wasn't happening. The dreadmill just wasn't an option today. I couldn't stand the thoughts of trying to do 4-5 miles on the belt. 

It was in the low 40's, cloudy, had been misting rain, and overall just bleh outside. But I rolled the bottoms of my feet with a golf ball. I stretched my calves. I stretched my IT band. And then I put on my running gear. 

I have to say I really like my Brooks Women's LSD Lite Jacket II. It's lightweight and super reflective. All geared up, out the door I went. 

I started out running at a comfortable pace (10's). The last time I ran this route I ran the first portion in the 9's but I was trying to take it easy. I just wanted to run at a slow comfortable pace. This was my first run outside longer than 3 miles and I was adding in hills. It took a little less than a mile before I felt it.... the reason why I do this. No, not a runner's high. It was simply the 'aaaahhh' moment. 

That moment when you feel your body relax a little, you settle into your comfy pace, you notice things you wouldn't otherwise notice about your surroundings or even yourself, that moment of just being.... that's my 'aaahhh moment'. I knew then that I had made the right decision to take the time for this run. 

I will admit around 3 miles I was feeling the hills. I was hoping my route was close to 5 but not much over. It worked out perfect that my route was 5 miles today. The hills were tough; my pace slowed. But overall, I was pleased with my pace and the run. 

Rest today tomorrow. 

Follow up dr's appointment on Tuesday. 

Hoping for good news. 


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