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Injury Update - YES The Doctor Told Me To

Just wanted to give a quick update for anyone who might not have already heard. I went last week for a follow-up. I was actually in a lot of pain, as much pain as when the injury began. The x-ray did not show any fractures, BUT I was told that I could still have a fracture. I will need a bone scan or MRI to completely rule out any fractures. What did show up, however,

Recap of This Week's Running

Yesterday's long run (8 miles) was not necessarily the confidence boost that I needed before the Half next weekend. It was great to meet a friend to run so I didn't have to run alone. But I did not expect the heavy tired legs that I felt. I know that I didn't eat right last week (and I'm hoping that was part of the reason), but I was hoping for a 'wow, that was great' instead of 'wow, that was extremely tough'.

This week is a taper week.. I only have 2 short runs before the Half on Saturday....

I'm hoping for a strong run..


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